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Proper care of your eyelash extensions will ensure they stay looking amazing for as long as possible.


Do all water activities (swimming, hair washing, etc.)
Do not apply any mascara or make up around the eye area.
Avoid all oil based products.


Do not wet your extensions for 24hrs.
Do not steam or sauna for 48hrs.
Avoid all oil based products.
Brush your extensions daily.
Do not pull on your lashes. 
Never cut your lashes. You will cut your natural lashes.
Keep your lashes clean. You may use baby shampoo, oil-free make up remover, witch hazel or just cold water.
Do not rub your eyes. 
Do not curl your extensions.
Try not to smash your lashes completely when you sleep.

Never attempt to remove your lashes on your own! Call us, so that a lash artist can remove them without damaging your natural lashes.

*If you experience any major or unusual loss in the first 2 days after your appointment please contact us immediately as it is usually the result of a product interaction. Your touch up appointment will be complimentary if we see you immediately. If you wait until your next appointment there will be an extra charge for the additional lashes we will need to apply. We do not offer partial applications. If you have more natural lashes than average you will lose more lashes between fills and it may be necessary to do a larger application. The average person sheds about 20% of their lashes weekly.

There are some medical conditions that exclude you from being a candidate for eyelash extensions.

Please let us know before your appointment if you have any extreme allergies, skin conditions or if your immune system is compromised for any reason.

IMPORTANT: If you are pregnant please provide a doctor's note clearing you to get eyelash extensions before booking your appointment. We will not apply extensions if you are pregnant and do not provide a doctor's note.  A doctor's note can be emailed to