Just like the hair on your head, you shed eyelashes daily. No need to panic, it's why we offer refills. Most people need a Small Refill within two weeks of their last appointment, to replace old lashes that have fallen out and add extensions to new growth. We also offer the option of a Large Refill if you are unable to make it within two weeks. Large Refills are automatically offered if your refill hits the three week mark or if you have had more than normal loss. Many people need a Large Refill at two and a half weeks. Your lash artist will inform you if your loss is normal or excessive. As is industry standard, once we hit the four week mark, you will need a Full Set. If you have any refills left on a package you may apply it as a credit towards a larger application. Only one credit can be used per visit. The promotional discount on packages expires 3 months after purchase. The amount you paid will NEVER expire.

LA Lashes does not offer refills for extensions applied at any other Salon/Lash Studio. If you have extensions from somewhere else removal is usually necessary, at an additional charge, and  a fresh Full Set will be applied. Please inform us ahead of time if you have extensions on from somewhere else so that we can schedule enough time for your appointment.


LA LASHES has a strict 24hr cancellation policy. If you do not cancel at least  24hrs before your appointment or fail to show up within 15min of your appointment time you will be charged a non-refundable re-booking fee (min $50) before you are allowed to book a new appointment and no lashes will be applied. Re-booking fees are not credit toward any service.  Your next appointment will automatically be upgraded to a larger application.

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