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These are the lashes we offer at LA LASHES. Typically made of a high quality synthetic material or animal hair these are placed directly onto the natural lash, and should never be glued on the skin. Since the extensions are placed one by one this is a bit more time consuming taking anywhere from 1.5 to 2  hours for a full set. If applied properly, they will shed individually with each natural lash and not effect the surrounding lashes.  These are the most natural option since there is a seamless connection and black glue is usually used to conceal pale lashes. This glue is designed specifically for eyelash extensions and is safe to use around the eyes. We only use formaldehyde-free glue and recommend that for the health of you lashes, no matter where you receive your extensions, that you ensure the artist does not use cheap adhesive as it is  one of the most important factors. A good quality adhesive should offer hypo-allergenic properties as well as flexibility, strength and longevity.  Individual extensions come in a variety of lengths (by milliliter), curls, and thicknesses. Make sure your lash artist has a variety in order to match your face and eye shape as well as your natural lashes. Extensions should only be applied by a certified trained professional or results could be dangerous, worse than badly applied flares or clusters.  

These are often used by make up artists and for special events. They consist of several lashes (3-4) attached with a round ball shaped end to apply glue.  These are most commonly available at nail salons. Depending on the glue used, the amount of time these lashes last can vary from 3 days to 1 week. These lashes are typically applied directly to the lash or water line and because of the type of glue (often hair extension glue not meant for the eyes) the method of application can clog the hair follicle and possibly cause infections, styes,and permanent damage to root follicle.  Because the natural lashes are glued together they  do not shed naturally but instead, when one lash comes out it takes many others with it and can traumatize the hair growth.  Even though this method can create a very full look, it is among the most dangerous even when properly applied. These are much less expensive than individual eyelash extensions and usually take no more than 20 minutes to apply.

Some of the most common since most people have tried to apply these at home. These are good for about 1 day (if you are lucky) and must be handled gently since they can't get wet and tend to peel up on the ends. These are attached with a temporary glue directly on the skin of the eyelids above natural lashes. They usually do not fit perfectly since everyone has a different eye shape and these come in a standard shape and in one piece. Mascara is also necessary since the natural lashes are visible and  become obvious especially if your lashes are not naturally black. These can range in price but are  typically inexpensive. When removed, they can accidentally pluck natural lashes.

There are many types of eyelash extensions. Let's get familiar with how they are different.

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Imagine waking up in the morning and looking amazing. No smudged mascara, only picture perfect lashes.

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Questions about your lashes? Send us a text if you can't find your answer in the Care section of this website.                      


A trained lash artist helps create the best set of lashes to suit your eye shape, type of natural lashes and most importantly, your style.                   

LA LASHES is available to everyone interested in making their life and beauty routine easier. We are located in richly cultured Koreatown  with barbeque, karaoke and beautiful architecture. LA LASHES is located minutes from Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and much more. Steps away from the Metro Red and Purple Lines.

In this unique location, LA Lashes is able to offer Beverly Hills quality lashes at a fraction of the price. Each eyelash is placed individually and applications are customized with a variety in length, thickness and curl. Faux Mink lashes are applied with a sensitive formula formaldehyde-free glue. Lashes last 2-4 weeks before a refill is needed. 

Just remember, since extensions are applied to your natural lashes  we can only apply as many as you have. Some people have more hair than others, it's what makes us unique.                   

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